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Love is a human emotion that involves intimacy, care, passion, commitment, protectiveness, and trust. The positive outcome of love is happiness, a satisfying life, euphoria, and excitement. It can also have negative repercussions like jealousy, possessiveness, depression, and stress. If an emotion brings positivity, then life is joyful but if it brings negativity then life becomes miserable. The intensity of the outcome changes from time to time. Professional help is essential to solving such intense negative emotions. Shradhha Jyotish, love problem specialist in Panvel is an acclaimed astrologer in the said field. The biological drive, culture, and personal perception of an individual influence love. Today, the word love is mostly associated with Romantic love which is characterized by intimacy, attachment, and care. However, there are other types of love too.


Types of Love

• Friendship love: In this love, there is mutual trust, support, and intimacy only to a certain degree.
• Parental love: This involves the unconditional affection a parent has for his children. It involves tremendous sacrifice and patience.
• Sibling love: This is more of a love-hate relationship. Like friendship love, trust, support, and intimacy are only to a certain degree.
• Infatuation: This love does not last. It is the initial attraction that one feels for another that is mistakenly construed as love
• Passionate love: This type of love is usually the result of idolizing someone. It involves an intense longing and desire for physical closeness.
• Unrequited love: This love is unreciprocated. It goes unrecognized and unacknowledged.
• Compassionate love: This type of love and values loyalty, trust, affection, care, and commitment.

We are the renowned love problem specialist in Panvel and we help our clients to differentiate between the different kinds of love and offer solutions regarding the same.

Steps to sustain love

Each relationship is unique and every person brings his / her baggage to the relationship. However, some common practices are required to sustain it.

• Always see and appreciate the good qualities of the other person in the relationship.
• Give and earn respect.
• Apologize for mistakes committed.
• Listen to understand and not to argue.
• Give the person priority and your valuable time.
• Care for each other.
• Acknowledge and respect each other's feelings.
• Trust and be trustworthy.

People come to us searching for a love problem specialist in Panvel as we recognize the universal truths and convey the importance of practicing them to our clients.

Types of love problems

For any problems relating to love, relation, or marriage, we are the finest love problem specialist in Panvel that you would connect to. He finds apt solutions that bring peace and prosperity to your life. Clients seek help for problems like:
• Relationship problem solution: All interpersonal relationships face challenges at some point in life. It could be communication difficulties, financial pressures, Coping with stress, difficulty in balancing expectations, etc. Whatever be the problem, it is important to find a solution to lead a fruitful life.
• Love problems: Love issues happen due to unconscious behaviour or due to a rigid way of thinking which ultimately sounds like the death-knell of a relationship. The problem needs to be tackled head-on and solutions found to solve such complex issues.
• Breakup problems: A breakup results in a lot of negative emotions like anger, loneliness, guilt, inferiority complex, and sometimes even relief. There is an intense sense of wanting that makes it difficult for the brain to focus on anything.
• Marriage problems: The most common problems that married couples face are lack of communication, lack of intimacy, financial pressures, boredom, and a difference in values. Professional help should be sought to solve these problems.
• Divorce problems: A couple going through a divorce faces tremendous stress as important decisions like spouse maintenance, child support, custody of a child, and property division have to be made. Emotional support and proper guidance during such times go a long way in reducing stress and in still calmness.
• Inter-caste marriage problems: Different lifestyles, value systems, traditions, and customs and a rigid extended family are some of the problems that an inter-caste married couple faces. Proper and timely guidance will help a couple overcome these issues smoothly.
• Parents' approval: This is an universal phenomenon. There is an inherent desire in every child to get his / her parents’ approval for everything they do. This could derail his ambition. Help can be sought for letting go of this need for approval to develop into an independent adult capable of making decisions.
• Business-related problems: The nature of business is such that relationships are made and broken daily. This results in a great deal of uncertainty and risk. Businessmen turn to astrologers to understand which relationship is most beneficial for their business.

Shradhha Jyotish, the love problem specialist in Panvel talks to clients about their feelings and helps them manage their fears to develop new plans to face relationship challenges.

Why choose Shradhha Jyotish, the love problem specialist in panvel, Navi Mumbai

• Mr. Joshi is an acclaimed astrologer who has solved the love-related problems of numerous clients.
• He maintains the secrecy of his clients.
• He has many years of experience which helps him provide effective solutions to problems.
• He exudes positivity and calmness which slowly rubs on to his clients.
• He values the happiness and satisfaction of his clients, thereby ensures proper guidance and support.
• He is approachable and clients resonates with his solutions
• His solutions are time-saving and cost-effective.
• He uses methods that are simple, clear, and easily understood by everyone.
• He has a vast knowledge of astrology and is considered one of the best among his contemporaries.

The ability to express and experience love depends a lot on culture. The social norms, pressures, and expectations dictate how an individual thinks and displays his love. However, love exists in all cultures and it is human nature to seek it. It brings joy and confidence to the seeker.
So, if you’re looking for a love problem specialist in Panvel then our Team can assure you that Mr. Joshi helps his clients to sustain the love found in different relationships through many techniques for a peaceful and happy life.

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